Reproductive Rights as Human Rights: An Interactive Course for Legal Advocates

Module 3.1: Contraception

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  1. Overview of Contraception
    1.  State of the World Population (UNFPA, 2019)
    2.  Contraception Fact Sheet (World Health Organization, 2018)
    3.  Recommendations on Ensuring Human Rights in the Provision of Contraceptive Information and Services, (World Health Organization, 2014)
    4.  List of Essential Medicines (World Health Organization, 2019)
    5.  Global Handbook on Family Planning (World Health Organization, 2018)
  2. International Jurisprudence
    1. International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
    2. CEDAW Inquiry on the Philippines
  3. Regional Jurisprudence
    1.    African Commission
      1. Maputo Protocol
    2.  Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
      1. Statement on Reproductive Health (2017)
      2. Artavia Murillo (“In-vitro Fertilization”) v. Costa Rica (2012)
    3.  European Human Rights System
      1. Pichon and Sajous v. France (ECtHR, 2001)
      2. Council of Europe Commissioner on Human Rights recommendations
        1. Issue Paper
        2. Webpage
      3. Refusals of Care (2018) [Factsheet]
  4. National-Level Jurisprudence
    1.    Hinostroza v. Ministry of Health and Others (Peru) [Case summary]
    2.    Manju and Others v. Government of Nepal (Nepal) [Factsheet]
    3.    AAA v. Registered Trustees (Kenya)