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The Looming Perils of Child Marriage in India

Long before the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act in 2006, Child Marriage was forecast as a social menace and The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 (also known as the Sarda Act), attempted to outlaw child marriage in the British India Legislature. However, it lacked implementation, largely due to the fear of British authorities losing support […]

Gender equality: New Opportunities

Despite making strides towards gender equality, Nepali women still do not have equal status as their male counterparts. This inequality can be ended by implementing fair, inclusive and evidence-driven policies.

Salvadoran Lawmakers Have 6 Weeks to Legalize Abortion

Legislator Lorena Peña, a member of the governing leftist FMLN, urged her counterparts on Monday to approve a bill meant to decriminalize and modify the full abortion ban before the conservative party ARENA takes over the government as a result of the elections carried out earlier this month.

Zimbabwe: Serious Barriers Prevents Adolescents from Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Safely & Confidentially

In Zimbabwe, a host of barriers are preventing adolescents, defined as aged 10 to 19 years, from accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services safely and confidentially without the consent of their parents. Without free and informative access to health services that include contraceptives, treatment for sexually transmitted infections and condoms, national studies show that […]

UN Gender Equality Conference to Focus on Rural Women

Kenyan women from various counties are among hundreds of delegates and representatives of governments and the civil society who have converged in New York for what is billed to be the biggest global meeting on gender inequality.

African Reproductive Rights Advocates Advance their Communications Skills at Annual Convening in Zanzibar

Advocates from ten countries spanning East and West Africa came together for the second annual Africa Reproductive Rights Initiative (ARRI) convening in Zanzibar, Tanzania from March 5-8, 2018. This year’s convening focused on tackling complex reproductive rights issues and sharpening communications skills, while providing participants a platform to network and strengthen the regional movement towards […]

Somalia’s First Forensic Lab Targets Rape Impunity

The new freezers at Somalia’s only forensic laboratory can store thousands of DNA samples, although for now there are just five. The big hope is that they could be the start of a revolution in how the troubled Horn of Africa country tackles its widespread sexual violence — provided some daunting hurdles are overcome.