R.R. was 18 weeks pregnant when following an ultrasound she learned of a cyst on the fetus’ neck. Prenatal genetic tests were required to determine whether there was a severe fetal impairment. However, despite consulting more than ten medical professionals over almost five weeks, R.R. was unable to obtain a referral that would have enabled her to undergo the necessary test. Finally in her 23rd week of pregnancy, R.R. was able to undergo the test, which confirmed a severe fetal impairment. She was only informed of the test results in the 25th week of pregnancy. When she then requested an abortion she was told dy doctors that it was too late as the fetus had reached viability. As a result R.R. had to continue her pregnancy to term

With the support of counsel from the Federation for Women and Family Planning and the University of Warsaw Law Clinic and in cooperation with the Center for Reproductive Rights, filed a complaint before the European Court of Human Rights in 2004.